Social Listening

For the first time in Bulgaria we are pleased to present the latest innovation in the range of professional media content tools offered by MediaMonitoring.BG © – Social Listening.

The service known as social listening is a national innovation that combines our experience in business-oriented methods of data analysis, structuring and visualization with the only technology in this country that genuinely allows the retrieval of all relevant public content from the most popular social networks in Bulgaria. In recent years, listening has become a mandatory and highly effective way to track relevant information in the publicly accessible sections of social networks. The service has long been used not only for PR crises but also for the day-to-day activities of marketing and PR specialists and last but not least as the basis for making strategic decisions at the highest management levels.

Social Listening is a tool that provides a clear overview of the dynamics of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, based on measurable data that may relate to various aspects of your business. The service is developed by and for professionals and aims to provide you with a competitive advantage in the areas of marketing, PR and competitive counter-intelligence.

Unlike other content tracking solutions offered in Bulgaria, that monitor content in limited small portions of social networks, Social Listening is a complete tool that in its scope does not limit the client to any one social network page or profile. On the contrary, the capabilities of our technology allow “listening” to all publicly accessible profiles, pages, posts, comments, and all public content published in social media that might be interesting to your organization.

Similarly to the other services we offer, the data flow is always analysed and organized according to a structure, predefined as per your requirements, so that the data is ready to use with no need for any further processing.

Social Listening will help you:

Receive from one source all the public information on social networks that is relevant to any individual components of your business
Possess comprehensive, always structured and ready-to-use data about your social networks activities
Quantify the perceptions of Internet users regarding any aspects of your and / or competitors’ business activities – brands, products, services, quality, prices, service, points of sale and many other metrics applicable to your individual needs
Discover trends with the help of professional statistical tools
Analyse the effectiveness of your marketing and PR strategies
Spot early signs of threats and opportunities on your market
Report feedback on the performance of advertising and PR campaigns, events and various marketing activities
Explore, without additional expense, interesting business relations by conducting comprehensive media and consumer surveys, benchmark analyses and many other “one-click” reports, thanks to the adequately structured incoming data we provide

Functionality and options:

Constant tracking of posts and comments on Facebook, Instagram (* beta!), YouTube and Twitter
Coverage of all publicly accessible accounts and pages in Bulgarian
Retrieval of any content generated by business accounts and / or by users of social networks (UGC)
Unlimited number of parameters for organizing the data
Real-time sentiment and content analysis
Defining of the so-called influentials – people who have measurable influence on the attitudes, opinions and preferences of other users
(* beta!) Simultaneous translation in more than 100 languages
Integrated solution for visualization and analysis of data
Multifunctional dashboard with newsfeed, statistical analysis and trend extrapolation tools, chart generator and multiple export options.

Please contact us for inquiries regarding our services and prices.
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