MediaMonitoring.BG © develops highly effective and productive relationships with partners possessing years of experience and proven professionalism in marketing, advertising and communications. The success of our business is based on the great combination of our company’s technological capabilities for a deep look into the overall media content of your business and the direct reporting and analysing of the feedback your customers share on social networks.

Our own experts’ and our partners’ consultations can help you in the following areas:


We can help you solve a variety of case studies related to your company’s marketing mix, as well as offer assistance in preparing a marketing, advertising, or PR strategy for your company. We can conduct a marketing activity audit, analyse the competitive environment, product portfolio, customer target group, competition, customer relationships, partners and suppliers, or develop a strategy for corporate social responsibility.

We can prepare a complete PR strategy for your company, or work on specific PR cases, organize events, presentations and press conferences.


We can plan, prepare and carry out your advertising campaign and report its results. We will participate actively in the entire process of preparation and implementation of your advertising campaigns, based on professional communication with the service providers and control over the quality of their work, while offering flexibility and the possibility to choose a different advertising agency with which you have a good relationship, or a different producer of promotional materials, etc.

Digital Marketing

We can prepare the strategy for online presence and advertising of your company and its activities. Whether it is sending emails, online advertising, SEO, presence and advertising in social media, creating and maintaining a blog, or viral marketing, we will help you professionally prepare every element of the digital marketing mix, as well as track the performance and results of the channel. Our experts and partners have years of experience and knowledge in the field of digital marketing, which is a basic prerequisite for the professional preparation and implementation of any campaign, as well as for achieving optimal results.

Please contact us for inquiries regarding our services and prices.
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