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White Label

MediaMonitoring.BG © is developing a beta version of its White Label program designed to meet the needs of media, PR, advertising and marketing agencies that would like their own brand to provide their customers with a high quality professional solution for tracking and analysing the overall, or specifically related to them public media content published by organizations and/or individuals on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram (* beta!), YouTube and Twitter, the Internet and print media, or the leading radio and television channels.

Stage of development and range of activities

Currently, the White Label solution is at a late stage of the development process – Beta version. By entering the testing and quality control phase, we will be able to make preliminary arrangements with stakeholders. The possible range of activities includes:

Dashboard with your own logo/brand, with a full range of functionalities such as newsfeed, module for statistical analysis and extrapolation of data trends (including one-click preparation of detailed media and consumer surveys, benchmark analyses and other types of reports); chart generator (line charts, pie charts, bar charts, stacked charts, etc.); multi-functional search engine and export options for various reports in .xls, jpg, pdf, png and other formats. The dashboard will allow you to deliver to your customers any of the services we currently offer under your own company logo and brand.
Insourcing or outsourcing of structuring processes, content and sentiment analysis of incoming data. The primary analysis can be conducted by your own experts, which would allow you to retain a large part of the added value of the service.
Insourcing or outsourcing of analyses, reports and media/consumer surveys that can be prepared either by your own or by our experts and can be published directly in the client panel.


White Label – a service branded with your own company logo
Coverage of all publicly accessible websites in Bulgarian language
Coverage of all publicly accessible parts of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram (* beta!), YouTube and Twitter
Coverage of all national and regional print media and the leading radio and TV channels
Ability to retrieve user-generated content (UGC)
Ability to retrieve content generated by Internet users in comment sections on all news sites, forums, blogs, etc.
Unlimited number of parameters for organizing the data you retrieve according to the individual needs of each of your clients
Real-time sentiment and content analysis for each individual post
Multifunctional client panel (dashboard) including newsfeed, statistical analysis and trend extrapolation tools, chart generator, capabilities for preparing and exporting media and consumer surveys, benchmark analyses of competitive products / services, and numerous other reports based on the system’s availability of media data
(* beta!) Simultaneous translation in more than 100 languages

Cooperation inquiries:

If you are a legal entity and you are interested in a White Label-based cooperative in the near future, please contact us via this contact form:

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